Credit Card

Earn rewards with every purchase

Low interest rates

Gold and platinum are precious metals.
And really valuable plastic.

You've struck the mother lode with Education First Visas®. Our Visa® Gold and Visa® Platinum cards offer a rare combination of low interest rates, no annual fees and a great rewards program that pays off in event tickets, merchandise and travel services. In this case, all that glitters is definitely good.

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It just takes one card to have a winning hand.

Education First Visa® cards are easy to obtain and convenient to use. They're accepted everywhere in Texas - and all over the world. Using a credit card well can help you build credit, improve bad credit, and earn rewards.

Visa® Card Features

Do you want to buy something big, but are concerned about the interest charges? Our interest-free grace period can save you money and worry.
  • Choose between Visa® Gold and Visa® Platinum cards
  • 4.99% APR on all purchases and balance transfers for 6 months*
  • No annual fees
  • Interest rates much lower than most other credit cards
  • The totalRewards allows you to earn points that are redeemable for event tickets, merchandise, travel and more.
  • Obtain cards in just minutes at all Education First's convenient locations
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Protect Your Credit

Let us know if you're traveling overseas or have misplaced your credit card.
  • If you plan to travel internationally or make an international purchase, stop by a branch or call us at (409) 898-3770 to have the international restriction lifted.
  • To report a lost or stolen card, immediately call Education First at (409) 898-3770 or Visa® at (800) 847-2911 (toll-free). If you're outside the U.S., call collect at (410) 581-9994

*Education First Gold and Platinum Visa both offer 4.99% APR on balance transfers for 6 billing cycles. At the end of this period, standard rates apply based on individual credit worthiness.