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Your money, with a purpose. 

You should think in terms of saving for a rainy day. Operating expenses, repairs, and payroll can get costly but are you prepared for the unexpected? A business savings account is a dependable place to put a chunk of the money you've worked hard to earn. 'Guaranteed dividends' means that your rainy day funds will be continuously earning while housed in a safe place. 

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Business Savings

Business Savings Account

A straightforward way to tuck away money, earn dividends, and have easy access to your funds through an ITM, ATM, and online, when you need them.

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Business Savings

Business Share Certificate

Whether you are looking to earn money for future renovations, business supplies, or just earn higher dividends on your money, take your savings to the next level with a Business Share Certificate. 

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Handy Tools at Your Disposal.

Unlock the full potential of your membership! Budget like a pro, compare rates, and enjoy exclusive member perks. Explore the difference Education First FCU can make for you.


Business Calculators

Whether you are determining equipment costs, cash flow, a business loan payment, or your financial ratio analysis, there is a calculator to help you.  

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Business Rates

Whether you are looking to open a business checking, business savings, business money market, or invest in a Business CD, you can check out our current business rates. 

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Business Documentation

Whether you are looking to take a deep dive into your personal financial statement, learn more about opening up a business account, or even see a business loan checklist, you'll find everything you need right here. 

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