Loan Rates

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New and Used Vehicles

Term APR*
Up to 48 months 2.50%
60 months 2.75%
72 months 3.25%
84 months 4.25%

Boats, Watercraft, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Farm/Agricultural Equipment

Term APR*
Up to 48 months 3.25%
60 months 3.95%
72 months 4.45%
84 months 4.70%
144 months 5.70%

Mortgage Loans

Rates in effect as of September 24, 2018
Product Rate APR* Points
30 Year Fixed Rate5.000%5.252%0.000
20 Year Fixed Rate4.800%5.003%0.000
15 Year Fixed Rate4.600%4.824%0.000

Home Equity Loans

Term APR*
60 months 4.20%
120 months 4.40%
180 months 4.60%
240 months 4.80%
300 months 5.20%
360 months 5.40%

Credit Cards

Account Fees Intro APR* APR* Notes
Visa Credit Builder 4.99% After promotional period, your APR will be 15.4%
Visa Gold No annual fees 4.99% After promotional period, your APR will be 11.40%, 13.40%, 15.40%, 17.40% (rates based on individual creditworthiness) Cardholders earn UChoose Rewards points redeemable for merchandise, travel and event tickets
Visa Platinum No annual fees 4.99% After promotional period, your APR will be 9.40%, 11.40%, 13.40%, 15.40%, 18% (rates based on individual creditworthiness)

See credit card disclosure for rate and offer information.

Education First Gold and Platinum Visa cards both offer 4.99% APR on balance transfers for 12 billing cycles, and a 4.99% APR on purchases for 6 billing cycles.  At the end of the promotional period, standard rates apply. 

Personal Loans

Type Fee APR*
Unsecured Personal No annual fees 8.90%
Shared Secured No annual fees 3.0% + Regular Savings Dividend Rate*
CD Secured for 6 – 36 months No annual fees 2.0% + CD Dividend Rate
CD Secured for 37 – 60 months No annual fees 3.0% + CD Dividend Rate

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Shared Secured Loans will be the dividend rate being paid on regular shares (Index) on the date of the advance plus 3%. The rates are subject to change on the first day of each calendar month to reflect any change in the Index. If there is an existing balance on the date of the rate change, the entire balance will be at the new APR. Any increase in the APR will take the form of more payments of the same amount until what you owe has been repaid. The present annual percentage rate will be disclosed on the voucher at the time of the advance.

Line of Credit

Fees APR*
No annual fees 8.45%
*APR rate shown is lowest rate available. Rates depend on individual's credit worthiness.