uChoose Rewards Program

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uChoose Rewards Program

Are you an EFFCU Gold Card holder? If so, make sure you have enrolled in our uChoose Rewards Program.

Here's how it works:

  • With Education First and uChoose, you can earn points redeemable for event tickets, merchandise, travel, and more
  • Earn one point in rewards for each dollar spent by simply using your Gold Card for purchases
  • Earn extra points by shopping at participating merchants, in addition to your one point per dollar rewards
  • Track your points through your uChoose account
  • Redeem your points with a full online catalog of redemption options

Be sure to log into your uChoose Rewards account to see participating merchants and to activate offers monthly.

Click here to access your uChoose account or to sign up and learn how to earn and redeem points! 


Haven't enrolled yet? Give us a call at (409) 898-3770 or (800) 456-4684 and we'll show you how.