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Welcome to Education First Federal Credit Union!


Welcome to Education First Federal Credit Union! We are excited to have you as a member of the Education First family, and hope that you will take some time to explore our full website where you can find information on a full range of products and services. Here are just a few! 


If I did not open an EFFCU account prior to February 28, will I automatically have an account with Education First on March 1?

Yes.  If you did not open an account with EFFCU prior to the merger date of February 28, 2018, an account has been created for you, a membership number has been assigned, and your SAFE account balance has been transferred.  Please be sure to contact EFFCU at 409.898.3770 to ensure that all of your contact information is correct and up-to-date.


Where can I find my account number?

If you did not proactively open an account at EFFCU before February 28, your account number can be found on the letter that was mailed to you that was dated February 8, 2018


I had a loan with SAFE, what is going to happen to my interest rate?

Your interest rate will stay the same.


I had a CD/Money Market with SAFE, what is going to happen to my interest rate?

The rate on your SAFE CD/Money Market account will be changed to the current EFFCU dividend rate for these products.  Current rates can be located here.


I had payment protection (Credit Life/Credit Disability) on my loan at SAFE, will that automatically transfer over?

Yes, Credit Life and Credit Disability products will remain your loan.  The new underwriter of this product is Minnesota Life.  A copy of this application/certificate was mailed to you in January.


Am I able to continue using my SAFE checks after the merger?

Yes, but only through April 30, 2018.   After this date, all SAFE checks will not be honored.


Do I need to order Education First checks or will they automatically be sent to us?

You will need to order new checks.  One (1) free box of checks will be provided for our new members from SAFE.  You can take advantage of this offer by ordering in the branch, or by phone at 409.898.3770.


How do I set up direct deposit for my new account?

Direct Deposit forms were mailed to you with your EFFCU account and routing numbers pre-populated on it on February 8, 2018.  You can complete the form and give to your payroll department.  Please note, the account number on this form is the account number assigned to you if you did NOT open up an EFFCU prior to the February 28 merger date.  If you opened an account at EFFCU prior to the merger, the account number printed on the direct deposit form that you received in the mail is different. 

If you need an blank copy of a direct deposit form, you can download a copy by clicking here.


If I had a SAFE credit card will I automatically have an Education First credit card?

Yes, all SAFE credit card holders were issues an EFFCU Platinum credit card in the mail. You should receive your card by March 1st.  If you have not received your card after this date, please call us at 409.898.3770.


Will my balance from my SAFE credit card be transferred to the Education First card?

Yes, your balance and interest rate on your new credit card will remain the same as it was with SAFE.


Will I receive an EFFCU Visa Check Card/ATM Debit Card?

If you had a SAFE ATM debit card, an EFFCU Visa Check Card has been ordered and will arrive in the mail. Please note that this card cannot be activated until March 1, 2018.  To activate your card, please call the number listed on the sticker on the front of the card.


How do I set up Auto Draft for my new account?

Contact the company that initiates the auto draft, and provide them with your new EFFCU VISA check card or account information.


How do I sign up for Online Banking and Bill Pay? 

Signing up is easy, and makes bill pay quick, easy, and most importantly, secure.  Click here for details.


Can I receive my statements and notices electronically? 

Once you are signed up for Online Banking, receiving your statements via secure electronic delivery is a breeze.  Click here for details.


Where can I find the EFFCU Mobile Banking App?

All the convenience of Online Banking is also available on your Apple or Android mobile device.  Click here to be download our mobile App, where you can transfer money, pay bills, apply for a loan, and deposit checks via your phone.