Do It Today - Thank A Teacher!

Now more than ever, being a teacher involves a whole lot more than assigning homework and making sure each child’s penmanship is up to par. Teachers lay the educational foundation for a child’s lifetime. With new requirements to teach both in person and online – often at the same time – in a way that works for everyone, endless hours of preparation and lesson planning go into each and every day of teaching. The devotion and energy required for this often thankless task cannot be quantified.

As a credit union founded by teachers, we understand the importance that access to education plays at every stage – from the first day of kindergarten all the way through to college.  That’s why we have developed programs like We’re Paying It Forward that allow members to select the school that receives the donation when they borrow with us.  It’s also why we have developed an award-winning financial education workbook for teachers of fifth grade students that is an expansion of our C.A.F.E. Youth Savings Program, and why we continue to give over $35,000 in college scholarships each year to high-school seniors in our field of membership.
So show a teacher how much you care this month. Something as simple as a Thank-You note can make their day – maybe even their year. He or she may be accustomed notes or small gifts at the end of the school year, but the surprise of receiving one today will make it that much more exciting and special.  If your children are old enough, have them pen the note themselves. Otherwise, let them sign their name or draw a picture to let their teacher know how much they are appreciated.

Thank a teacher! Remind them that their herculean efforts don’t go unnoticed. Check out this Pinterest board for unique ways to thank your Teachers! You’ll brighten someone’s day and instill an attitude of gratitude in your child at the same time.