Six Ways You Can Use A Personal Loan

Personal Loan Infographic

1. Get Married.

Use your loan to fund the larget wedding expenses, like your engagement ring, dress and venue. You may also consider using it to cover the smaller costs, like the flowers and photographer.

2. Fund a move.

Taking out a personal loan to help you cover the costs can make a household move a lot less stressful.

3. Purchase a vehicle

Without paying the steep interest rate that you'd get by financing through an auto dealer.

4. Consolidate debt

Into a single, low-interest loan. Use Education First's handy Debt Consolidation Calculator to assist you.

5. Fund a dream vacation

Enjoy an affordable payback plan.

6. Pay for medical expenses

That aren't covered by your health insurance plan.

Did these options open your eyes to what can be done with a Personal Loan? Now is the perfect time to get one with Education First FCU.

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