Side Hustles for Retirees

The road to retirement is a long one, and it isn’t easy. According to, the average retirement savings for the families of individuals in their 50s was $124,831 in 2018, and for individuals in their 60s it was $163,577. These figures are far below the expectation of the suggested $1 million that experts recommend as a target for your retirement savings. However, don’t let those numbers discourage you. There’s good news!
A Prudential study discovered that older Americans are welcoming the freelance lifestyle, and enjoy working side jobs even after retirement. So, instead of worrying about retirement income, why not consider a few side hustles to help it?

Take Advantage of the Internet

The internet is your friend – not your enemy! It has become one of the most significant pieces of today’s society, and you can take advantage of the thousands of opportunities offered to older Americans. The internet can be used for selling items online, searching for jobs, and even matching your work skills with potential jobs. Sites such as FlexJobs, Remote.Co and LinkedIn allow you to seek job listings that are specific to your skills. Browse these sites to see what is available to you – you will likely be surprised at how many opportunities are available!

Put Your Writing Skills to Use

Blogging has become a big trend in the past few years – as you can tell 😉 Yet, did you know that many sites pay individuals to write blog posts? If you consider yourself a more-than-average writer, consider checking out these sites! Here are the top 9 places to start with.

Hop on the Airbnb Trend 

If you haven’t heard already – new movements such as Airbnb and VRBO are giving traditional hotels a run for their money. Individual hosts can rent out spare bedrooms, or even their entire houses, to travelers who are staying in the area. According to a Priceonomics study, the average Airbnb host earns $924 a month – with payments processed 24 hours after your guests check in. If you are concerned about safety issues with this, check out Airbnb’s safety policies here. If your retirement savings needs a quick boost, this is an option that offers an immediate solution.

There are endless opportunities for retirees who search out jobs. Plus, you have the advantage of flexibility! Dive in to these side hustles to help ease your financial burdens of retirement.