Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a very special holiday that allows us to show our moms how much we appreciate them. So, just how do you do that through a gift? Of course, there’s the obvious – such as flowers and gift cards. And while those are wonderful gifts that you can’t go wrong with, we’d like to share few more ideas that will show much how much you care – and will keep you from having to spend more than you can.

Get Her a Wish Bracelet has many great gift ideas - and this is one that really stood out to us. This beautiful and eye-catching bracelet is not only a great accessory for any outfit, but has meaning behind it. The Wish Bracelet has a secret clasp where your mom can write her wish and store the wish inside the clasp. This is a great daily reminder to stay focused on goals and enjoy the little things in life!  Purchase the Wish Bracelet here.

Add Some Color to Her Wine Collection

If she’s a wine enthusiast, add some color to her collection with these titanium rainbow wine glasses. They’re sure to brighten up a room and make wine drinking a little more fun – if that’s even possible 😉.  Purchase the Wine Glasses here.


Help Her Embrace Her Green Thumb

These simple, but unique, garden kits are easy to plant and the results are well worth the little bit of work. Choose from a Sunflower Garden Kit, Balance & Tranquility Kit, and even a Cocktail Kit. (Yes, we said a Cocktail Kit). These kits put a fun twist on gardening and are very budget friendly. 


Create a Coupon Book

Maybe your mom is one of those “I don’t need anything” types of moms – and that can be frustrating if you want to get her a good gift. If this is the case, create a coupon book for her! This book can include “coupons” for her to use at her convenience. Some ideas include a night off from cooking, a free car wash, or breakfast in bed. The possibilities are endless! Make a list of tasks that you can do that you know your mom would enjoy, and include coupons for these in the book.

Bring Life to Her Old Photos

If you were born before the 90s, most of your mom’s memories were most likely captured on film, not digital photos. Since these are hard to display and can be prone to damage from time, consider a nice scanner to digitize and preserve them. You can also do this with home videos so that she can watch them from her DVD player. Services such as ScanMyPhotos make the process easier and the average cost is as low as $.16 per print.

Teach Her Something

Does your mom express a desire to learn a skill or hobby? Perhaps she has mentioned things such as learning how to work on Photoshop, create printed t-shirts, or take better quality photos. Take this Mother’s Day to teach her something new. Depending on what you teach her, you may not even have to spend any money to do it. Plus, this allows you to build memories and spend more time with her!

Surprise Her with Take-Out

Lastly, for those of you who may live far away from your mom, here’s a great idea for how to make sure her day is easy: Order her take-out! Though you can’t be there physically, this gesture can put an ease on her day and still shows her that you are thinking of her on this very special day!