How to Have a Fun Night Out at the South Texas State Fair

The South Texas State fair kicks off at Ford Park this week and we’re ready! We look forward to this week all year – especially since we get to join in on the fun at the Education First Family Fun Night!
Before you gear up for a night (or several nights) at the fair, we put together a guide for you – call it a “fair survival guide”, if you will.

Here’s how to have a fun night out at the fair.

Know the discount days:

The fair has several discount days – such as the Education First Family Fun Night, where you can get free entry and $20 unlimited ride wristbands with a coupon, or the H-E-B Fair Share for Hunger Sunday, where you can get in free if you bring (6) non-perishable H-E-B brand vegetable canned foods. Before you choose which night you go, check out the list of all discount days here. This will save you more money in the long run!

Pack the essentials:

You know that moment when you are away from home and realize you wish you had brought a specific item, such as bug spray, to help make your night easier? Here’s some essential items you can bring to keep your night from becoming a hassle!
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes – You will NOT regret bringing these to the fair. Between stickiness from food and touching lots of rides, you can never have enough of either item! Keep yourself and your little ones clean and tidy throughout the night by keeping these items with you.
  • Mosquito spray – We don’t want your fun night ruined by those pesky little mosquitos. Be sure to pack a small bottle of mosquito spray in case they are bad.
  • First aid kit – Although we hope that you have an accident-free night at the fair, it’s better safe than sorry! Be sure to pack a small first aid kit in case of an emergency.

Get cash beforehand:

Often times, fair vendors do not accept debit or credit cards. And while there will be ATMs at the fair, you’ll end up paying a premium fee just to use them – plus, you’ll spend time in line waiting to get cash. What’s the solution? You guessed it! Be sure to get cash beforehand to keep from paying fees and wasting time. Additionally, bringing cash helps you keep track of what you’re spending and can help avoid overspending. Remember, Education First members have access to many ATMs! See their locations here.

Make rules for safety:

Although the fair is mean to be a night of family fun, it is wise to have a plan in case a child wanders off or gets lost. Make sure your kids are familiar with the fair staff - you can do this by pointing out staff members so that your children know what type of uniform they are in and can ask them for help in case they are lost.
Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to put your phone number on a card in your child’s pocket or on their wristband so that you can be easily contacted in case someone finds your child and needs to reach you.

Download our fair Snapchat filter!

Here’s one last fun tip! If you attend Family Fun Night on Tuesday, March 26 at the fair, download the Education First snapchat filter – made specifically for the fair! Access this filter by scanning the code on your fair coupon from your Snapchat account. Using the filter, take a photo on Snapchat of your fair fun! (Feel free to share on Facebook as well!)

Cheers to a successful night out at the South Texas State Fair for each of you! We hope you have a good time - we know we will!