7 Ways to Support Small Businesses

COVID-19 rocked the small business world and cause a lot of havoc among their sales. And while many local businesses are reopening since the Texas stay-at-home order has been lifted, they still have a long way to come. Local businesses have supported the Southeast Texas community and economy, and now is an excellent time to give back and show our support to them. Here are seven ways you can support local businesses:

Take an Online Shopping Trip

While businesses are reopening, they are still limited with capacity on how many people can enter their physical locations. Fortunately, many businesses offer online stores with free local pick up or a low shipping price.  So, if you are still hesitant or at-risk to go out in public, you can shop online to support your favorite local business!

Gift a Gift Card

Need a good grad gift? Father’s Day gift? Gift for yourself? You can support your favorite local businesses’ by purchasing gift cards and giving them as the perfect gift! Also, if you’re looking to support local essential workers such as hospital employees, you could consider purchasing gift cards to gift them as a thank you gift for their hard work. It’s a win-win  because you get to support a local business, as well as say a special thank you to an essential employee.

Use Local Catering for Small Parties or Celebrations

With graduation and Fathers’ Day near, many of you may be planning a small gathering with family and friends. Consider using a local restaurant to cater your event to help support them, while offering great selections for your party!

Buy Your Groceries Locally

Local food providers such as Donna’s Farm, Southeast Texas Honey Company, and Beaumont Farmers’ Market are great examples of businesses that provide fresh meats and produce available for purchase. Buying local produce is not only supporting local, but also ensuring you’re buying healthier options than shopping at H-E-B and Market Basket.

Give Em’ a Great Shout Out on Social Media

Reviews mean a lot to a local businesses’ presence. Take the time to give your local businesses a shout out on Facebook or Google (or both) to help establish their reputation in the community. It takes only a few minutes, but each good review can make a huge difference for that business!