7 Gifts for Coffee Addicts

Coffee is one of those things that is a necessity to many of us – including the entire Education First staff. What would we do without it? Hopefully, we’ll never have to know.
If you or someone dear to you is a coffee-addict, here are some pretty cool gifts you need to check out.

Copper Cow Coffee Classic Subscription ($35+)

Want to avoid multiple trips to the grocery store for coffee? Well, here’s a solution. Copper Cow Coffee is a company that offers a $35+ monthly subscription. This subscription includes 20 portable Vietnamese coffee packets as well as 20 portable creamers. Give it a shot and you might experience a whole new love for coffee!
Coffee subscription packets

HyperChiller Beverage Cooler

You know that annoying feeling when you just want an ice-cold coffee, but you only have time to make a quick K-cup? This HyperChiller Beverage Cooler cools your coffee in 60 seconds. For us Southeast Texas people, you can never have enough ice-cold drinks during the summer heat. Get it on Amazon here.

Café Du Monde Coffee Mix

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you have to know about Café Du Monde. Known for its famous beignets, this café is a must when visiting New Orleans. But, did you know that you can get Café Du Monde’s specialized blend as well? Order it ground or in K-cups. Also, you can order they’re famous beignet mix while you’re at it 😉
Cafe De Monde coffee k-cups

Coffee Decorating Stencils

It’s a new trend to snap a photo that captures your perfectly-made cup of a coffee with a stencil cut out in the foam.  But, did you know you can try this yourself? Get these Coffee Decorating Stencils that are just $7 for 32 shapes. Let your creativity show in your cup of Joe!
heart shaped coffee foam

Handheld Milk Frother

A latte isn’t the same without the foam on top. This $12 handheld frother creates a tasty foam so that you can create the one-of-a-kind latte right at the comfort of your home.
Handheld milk frother

Coffee Tees

Who doesn’t love a comfy tee? Sites like Etsy and Amazon have tons of coffee tees that add a touch of humor and comfort. Browse some of our favorite tees here.

"But First, Coffee" t-shirt

Frank Mini Body Coffee Scrub

This is a whole new way to celebrate coffee! This exfoliating scrub has a coffee scent that will wake you up for the day and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. The best part – it’s available at Ulta in Beaumont or can be purchased online for $10!
Frank coffee scrub