21 Affordable Ideas for Summer Entertainment for Kids

Summertime can be tiring if you are constantly trying to find ways to entertain your little ones while they are out of school. Though there are many options of things to do, things can sometimes get expensive quick. Which is why we’ve complied a list of fun activities and events you can do this summer that are either free or very affordable!

1. Check out the Texas Energy Museum Bubble Day on July 10 at Rogers Park in Beaumont. Education First will be sponsoring this event, so be sure to come enjoy some great bubble activities and free goodies!

2. Shoot funny home videos of singing, dancing or just acting goofy. Most smart phones let you shoot funny videos through apps like Snapchat.

3. Start a scavenger hunt.

4. Go camping - even if it's just in the backyard.

5. Visit Shangri La Gardens on Saturday, July 27 for a free live animal display! Meet local critters and learn their adaptions and what they eat! Learn more here.

6. Browse books at the library.

7. Go biking and exploring at the Cattail Marsh. Depending on when you visit, you may spot alligators!

8. Hold an at-home “movie night” with Netflix or Redbox and get fun snacks like popcorn and candy. Much cheaper than a night out at the movies!

9. Take a hike at the Big Thicket.

10. Make your own homemade board game.

11. Learn origami. Make birds, animals and various objects.

12. Play musical instruments like guitar and piano.

13. Paint old shoes with acrylic colors to make for a fun art day.

14. Join a local recreational center, like the YMCA, which offers affordable memberships and plenty of programs for kids.

15. Make snow cones out of crushed ice for the neighborhood kids! You could even set up a fun “sno-cone” stand outside. 

16. Take an evening walk with the family.

17. Write letters to pen pals or distant relatives.

18. Visit the Beaumont Children’s Museum. Admission is just $5 per person.

19. Encourage the kids to stage a play at home. They can write a script and make costumes out of old clothes.

20. Feed the ducks at local ponds.

21. Play educational games online to help them understand money tips. For starters,
Education First offers free interactive games through our C.A.F.E Youth Savings program - check them out here! 

We hope you can use list as a guide for times you feel like you’re running out of ideas for things for kids to do! For additional resources, check out these articles: