Clever Ways to Save Up to $3,360 a Year

You hear it all the time: “Cut back spending and put more toward savings!” or “Make sure you are setting aside a percentage of your monthly income specifically for savings!” And while these are obvious and effective ways to save, it’s sometimes hard to actually do those things. Our brain tends to go into defense mode when we hear about how we need to save more. We counter with responses such as “But I have bills to pay!” or “I really need this money right now, I can’t set it aside!” Life can be expensive – we get it.
Thankfully, there are some clever ways you can save money that you’ve earned from not-so-obvious things.

Re-evaluate Your Monthly Subscriptions

No, we are not fixing to tell you to cancel your Netflix and Hulu subscription – we’re better than that! However, subscriptions can add up fast. Maybe you signed up for a free month trial several months back and forgot about it – meaning you’re actually paying for a subscription you aren’t even using. Re-evaluate your monthly subscriptions and make sure that you aren’t signed up for things you aren’t using. On average, monthly subscriptions cost anywhere from $10-40. So, check to see if you need to cancel any unused subscriptions!
Annual Average Savings:
Anywhere from $120-480.

Shop Groceries the Smart Way

There’s no avoiding paying for groceries, so you might as well get smart and earn money back on them, right? Download the Ibotta app to get started. This app allows you to see offers available for specific items and gives you cash back on those items. Here’s some examples of offers we found:

  • 65 cents back on RX Bars
  • 50 cents back on Bai Beverages
  • $1.00 cash back on Greek Yogurt
  • $7.00 cash back on Lean Cuisine

Grocery shopping just hit a whole new level! Get more information here.
Annual Average Savings:
Up to $240 a year. Additionally, you can earn up to a $20 welcome bonus and $5 per referral.

Become a Professional Binger

Okay, that may be a made-up job title. But the job is legit. Inbox Dollars members can watch TV and videos ranging from topics such as Food, Entertainment, Tech, and News and get paid while doing it! Each member can get paid up to $200/month. Sound fishy? Rest assured. Inbox Dollars is a BBB Accredited Business and has partnered with trusted brands such as Netflix and Walmart. Get more information here.
Annual Average Earnings:
Up to $2,400 a year.

Save Your Email Receipts  

Maybe you’re like many of us and you let your emails pile up in your inbox. Well, turns out this “bad habit” might not be so bad. Paribus is a free tool that scans your email for receipts and lets you know if you can earn money back on items you’ve already purchased. If they see any price drops in these items you’ve purchased, they contact the retailer on your behalf to get your money back. Worried about security? This company is owned by Capital One so there are strong security measures set in place. Get more information here.
Annual Average Savings:
Up to $240 a year