What to Buy and Skip On Black Friday

If you're a bargain shopper, it's probably your favorite season - or is it? Before you brave the crowds on Black Friday, take a few minutes to read through our list of what to buy and what to skip so you come home only with true bargains.

What to Buy: 

  • Small home appliances: You can score fantastic Black Friday deals on small household appliances like coffee makers, toaster ovens and blenders, which may see discounts of up to 65%.
  • Computers, laptops, and tablets: Low prices on electronics are a Black Friday staple. In recent years, supersized TVs were marked down by several hundred dollars by retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Discounted Apple products are another Black Friday favorite, with shoppers waiting for this day to buy their MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TVs. While you might find fantastic bargains on electronics this Black Friday, be sure to read the fine print before finalizing purchases. Some deals may require you to sign up for a pricey phone plan to qualify for the purchase. Others may depend on a store gift card to net you the full bargain; if you don’t typically frequent this store, it may not be such a great bargain after all.
  • Online doorbusters: In an effort to attract customers, major retailers offer bargain Black Friday doorbusters. Many stores have recently started offering these deals online as well, so there’s no longer a need to camp out Thanksgiving night in a parking lot to get the best picks or fight your way through crazed crowds. You can now shop at your leisure from the comfort of your home. The best items will still get grabbed quickly so be sure to scroll fast!
  • Video games: If you’ve got a serious gamer on your holiday gift list, you’ll want to shop for discounted video games on Black Friday. You’ll find deals on the newest games at the big-box stores and online at Playstation.comNintendo.com and Xbox.com. But skip the consoles; the newest editions are still difficult to find and will not see any good discounts this season.

What to Skip: 

  • Large home appliances: While you may find markdowns on large household appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators on Black Friday, you’ll find even better deals on long holiday weekends throughout the year, including Memorial Day, Labor Day and President’s Day. If your appliance is still working well and you’re just looking for an upgrade, you’re better off saving your purchase for a later date.
  • Jewelry: If you’re planning on buying a special someone a gift that truly sparkles, don’t buy it on Black Friday. While some jewelry companies will offer slight discounts on their merchandise after Thanksgiving, deals on jewelry are typically better near Valentine's Day. But Iif you’re not in any rush, you’re best off waiting until July when jewelry prices are at their lowest point of the year thanks to the usual summer slump.
  • Toys: Don’t count on finishing up the gift-shopping for the little ones in your life this Black Friday. You’ll get much better prices on toys and children’s games in the weeks leading up to Christmas, when the shopping season is already winding down and retailers are looking to clear out inventory.
  • Fitness Equipment: It’s always a good season to stay fit, but in the world of retail the prime season for fitness equipment is January, when New Year’s resolutions are still fresh and relevant. Push off the purchase of exercise gear until after the holidays for a better deal. You’ll score even steeper discounts if you wait until February, when the post-holiday inspiration for getting into shape starts wearing off and prices start falling. 

Now that you know what to buy and what to skip this Black Friday you can go ahead and hit the stores knowing you’ll walk away with the best deals!