Teacher Savings Guide

We’ve got lots of respect for teachers and what you bring to our community! We know this month is a time where there is heavy planning and many expenses that come your way. To help make your expenses a little easier, we gathered some tips and discounts just for you!

Be Sure to Apply for Free Microsoft Office Program

Let’s start off with a freebie. Educators are eligible for a free download of Offcie 365. This program includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and additional classroom tools. You just have to enter your valid teacher email address to apply. Check it out here.

Shop Labor Day Sales on Non-Essential Items

We know there are some classroom supplies you must have at the beginning of the school semester - but if there are some items that can wait, let them! Many retailers hold major Labor Day sales. Since Labor Day is not long after the school semester starts, you can save some by purchasing those non-essential items during the holiday sales.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Donations

There are several ways you can ask for donations from the local community:
  • Create an Amazon Wish List – Amazon allows you to create a free wish list that you can share. This allows people to see the exact items you need so they can buy them directly from your list. Here’s how to create a wish list.
  • Join the Teacher Amazon Gifting Facebook page – Courtney Jones is a teacher in Tyler County and just recently created this Facebook page – which now has over 24,000 members. The Amazon Gifting Facebook page was set up to help teachers support other teachers. Any teachers in the group can post their Amazon Wish List. Other teachers, along with members who are not teachers, can help pay for items on the list!  Check out the KBMT 12 story here.
  • Post a list of classroom supplies to your Facebook - This might feel odd – but don’t be afraid to put out a list of classroom supplies you need on Facebook to friends and family! You might be surprised at what people are willing to donate. Some may already have these supplies and are not using them – making them more prone to be willing to donate them!

Check Out 150+ Stores that Offer Teacher Discounts

Stores such as K12Supplies, Barnes & Nobles, and Michaels offer special sales and teacher discounts. Additionally, you can browse retail discounts at stores such as Banana Republic and Vera Bradley– because you deserve to treat yourself 😊 Browse the full list here.

Earn Cash Back on Purchases

You might be missing out on a lot of money if you’re not using this cash-back app. Rakuten (formally known as Ebates) gives you cash back on tons of retail stores such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart. Simply shop through the app to earn up to 40% cash back on your purchase. The app is free and is offering a $10 sign-on bonus. Sign up here.

Track Monthly Expenses on a Spreadsheet

This is sort of an obvious idea, but if you haven’t done this yet, give it a try! Jotting down all of your expenses will help you get a clear picture of how much you have spent on your supplies and how much you have left to send. Plus, this helps you with next year’s tax deductions.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine 🍷

We thought we’d end this on a high note! Once you’ve completed all your shopping, you’ll need a treat. Wine.com offers teacher discounts on orders over $99. They are one of the top-rated sites for ordering wine online and and offer a wide variety of wine from all regions. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy some wine. You deserve it!   
We wish each of you a rockin’ semester and are thankful for your contribution to our Southeast Texas kiddos!