How to Ensure a Happy Retirement

If you are newly retired or planning to retire soon, you’re about to be living the dream. You’ll get more time to relax, enjoy family and friends, and travel as you wish. As you enter this new phase, here are some helpful resources to assist you in adjusting to new changes.

Learn Something New

You’ve spent your whole life learning – why stop now? Retirement is a great time to explore new books, join groups, or even take a class for a specific skill you’d like to learn! For instance, the Wellness Center offers classes for things such as Boga – a unique water workout or group exercise classes. Or, if you’ve got a green thumb, Shangri La Gardens offers adult workshops ranging from gardening to photography. Start with your hobby, find local workshops for it, and get started in classes that will allow you to embrace it!

Don’t Neglect Your Health

Part of getting the most out of your retirement is to keep yourself healthy! Exercise is key to keeping your health in check. Nobody is asking you to run a marathon, but something as simple as a 30-minute walk several times a week will help extend your quality of life and reduce the amount of money you spend on healthcare.

Travel on a Budget

One of the major perks of retirement is that it gives you a lot more freedom to travel anywhere you want to go. If you don’t want to overspend on traveling because you are concerned about a limited income, remember that many senior citizens get major discounts through organizations such as the AARP. In fact, AARP partnered with Expedia to offer exclusive travel discounts. Check them out here.

Find a Side Hustle

If you’re worried about getting bored, who said you have to completely stop working? Working part-time gives you extra income, but more importantly, it keeps you active and social! For ideas, check out these 10 Best Part-Time Jobs for Retirees and these Side Hustles for Retirees.

Make Your Money Work for You

Put your money to work. Consider opening a short-term Share Certificate account to set aside a portion of your savings and earn a fantastic rate! Read about how a Share Certificate works here. 

We hope these small tips help you enjoy this new exciting stage of life – you truly deserve it!