How to Tackle Back to School Expenses

It’s already August and we are trying to figure out where the time has gone! We are sad to see summer go by so fast, yet we are ready for the upcoming school year! Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or teacher, we have some great ways for you to tackle back to school expenses.

If you are a teacher:

Shout out to our fellow educators! We are wishing each of you a great semester and applaud your great work! As you financially prepare for this upcoming semester, here are some tips to help you spend wiser and save more: 

  • Record your expenses. Stay aware of how much you are spending in order to help you budget and make more effective financial purchases. Use a spreadsheet to log all expenses so that you can know exactly how much you are spending!
  • Keep an emergency fund. There can always be an unexpected event that might arise, causing an increase in need for more school supplies, books, or other items. Having an emergency fund set up will allow you to be better prepared and prevent potential financial stress.
  • Use your teacher discounts. There are quite a few places that offer special discounts to teachers so make sure you take advantage of them! Places like Barnes & Nobles, Party City, and Michael’s participate in these discountsCheck out the complete list here.

If you are a parent or guardian:

You might be a parent that is preparing for your child’s first year of school, or you might have plenty of experience! Either way, we know that you are responsible for making sure your kids have all the school supplies they need as they enter into the school year!  Here are a few tips to help you save a few bucks:

  • Host a back to school swapHere’s a fun idea! Instead of having to go buy every item ranging from school supplies to a complete new set of clothes, consider hosting a back to school Swap with friends and their kids! Exchange items such as school supplies and clothing! This gives you an excuse to throw a fun get together before the school year begins and save some money while you’re at it!
  • Shop on tax free weekend. Tax free weekend is this weekend, August 10-12! Rack up on any remaining items you have yet to purchase while avoiding paying taxes. If you are not one to fight the crowd, retailers like Walmart have stated that some items are exempt from taxes through online purchases as well. Read more here.
  • Plan their lunches on a budget.  Planning lunches each day for the entire school year can get expensive if you do not carefully plan. It’s times like these that we can be extra thankful for the internet and all of its possibilities! Where else can you articles like this with lunch ideas for under $1? Before buying tons of groceries, search online to find easy recipes that your kids will enjoy and that will you save money! 

We hope this school year brings great experiences for teachers, parents, and kids! As you prepare for it, be sure to shop smart and spend wisely to prevent financial burdens that can potentially come with the back to school season!