Wire Transfers

A fast, secure way to send money

Free incoming transfers

When time is of the essence, move cash in a flash

Paper checks have their place. But it can take days to send money through the mail. That's no help when you have a friend in need, a bill that's due tomorrow or want to purchase a product that will soon be sold out. Modern technology has the answer. With a wire transfer, you can send money safely and swiftly without stuffing an envelope. And you can receive money the same way.

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Send money in a hurry without having to worry.

Wire transfers are not only fast, they have the added benefit of being a safe way to send money. There's no chance for a paper check to fall into the wrong hands. Money is wired directly to a bank account or Western Union office, and you'll get confirmation when the transfer arrives.
  • No charge to receive incoming wire transfers to your account
  • Outgoing wire transfer from Education First is $15
  • Wire transfers requested before 3 p.m. will be delivered the next day
  • Western Union transfers requested before 5 p.m. will be delivered the next day
  • Outgoing transfers to domestic banks only; Education First does not send international transfers but can receive international wire transfers