Receive alerts when your debit card is used

Turn off your card when it's misplaced or stolen

It won't drive your car, but it'll control your card

CardValet lets you specify exactly how your Education First debit card can be used. You can set activity alerts, spending limits, parental controls and more to protect against fraud, and overuse by exuberant sons or daughters. Best of all, this valet doesn't expect a tip.

User using credit card to pay for shopping

Get the app that's got your back

Download the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play and connect your Education First debit card to take advantage of these valet services:
  • Receive alerts when your card is used
  • Turn your cards “off” when they are misplaced or stolen, and “on” when you are ready to use them
  • Limit your card’s usage with controls for dollar amounts, merchant categories (gas, groceries and retail), transaction types and geographic locations

Click here to watch the CardValet tutorial! 

If you want more information about CardValet, call us at (409) 898-3770. We're happy to help.