Notary Services

Available in every Education First branch

All notaries licensed by state

Notably noteworthy services, stamped with approval

When you need documents notarized and signatures witnessed, you don't need to start Googling notary services in Texas. Just head to the nearest Education First branch where notary services are available free of charge to every member.

Common notary tasks we can perform

All of our notaries are licensed by the Texas Secretary of State and available for these types of notarizations.
  • Acknowledgements: Ensure that the signer of a document is who they claim to be and has voluntarily signed the document, often used for deeds and mortgages
  • Jurat: Also known as an affidavit or a verification on oath
  • Copy Certification: Confirm that a reproduction of an original document is a “full, true, and accurate transcription or reproduction”
  • Signature Witnessing: Certify that you are who you claim to be, and the signature on the record is yours