Benefits of a Student Checking Account

Benefits of a Student Checking Account

College students, we feel for ya. This time of the year is a very busy and stressful time since you're planning classes, extra-curricular activities, and most importantly - expenses. We've all been there- and we understand that this time of your life can be a challenging one. 

To help ease the stress of your finances this semester, we though we'd take a moment to highlight some benefits of having a student checking account to help you manage your monthly expenses. 

You can open an account with a low balance of just $25.

For starters, you only need $25 to open a student checking account. Yep, it's that simple.

You get to enjoy unlimited withdrawals and deposits.

We know that some months might require more withdrawals (or deposits) than other months. Rest easy - you can make unlimited withdrawals and deposits at any time of the year. 

Your earnings can be directly deposited.

We know you're hustlin' while enrolled in school too, so we make sure to make direct deposit easy. Getting paid shouldn't be hard - so enjoy the peace of knowing your hard-earned money can go into directly to your checking account.

You don't have to search for ATMs. 

You know that inconvenient feeling of having to search for an ATM when you need one? Not to worry - we've got ATM locations at Lamar University, Lamar State College Orange, and LIT campuses. These convenient locations save you fees and time from having to visit out-of-network ATMs off-campus. 

You can control your money right from your phone. 

With mobile banking, you can deposit checks, easily check your balance, and pay bills within minutes. Plus, mobile banking gives you access to extra services like account balance alerts, ATM locators, and easy loan applications. 

We make managing your money easier. Get started with our Segue Student Checking Account here.