Send money to friends and family

Make one payment or schedule recurring payments

Send to a friend. Contribute to a cause.

Popmoney is an easy way to send and receive money using emails and text. You can forward cash to your kids in college, pay the guy who mows your lawn, give a gift to a far-off family member or donate to a church fundraising drive. Turn it around, and you can also use it to request and collect money from others. It's fast and safe and definitely cooler than writing checks.

Young girl checking mobile phone

Push a few buttons, send a few bucks

Popmoney is an online payment service that was originally designed to transfer money between family members and friends. It has expanded to handle contributions to charities and payments to small businesses. Still, it remains easy and relatively inexpensive to use, and available to our Southeast Texas credit union members.
  • Sign up for Popmoney or get more information
  • To send money, designate the recipient and enter their email or mobile number; they will get a notification to deposit the money, and the transfer is complete
  • The recipient doesn't have to have a Popmoney account to receive or deposit the money
  • To request money, send a notification to a person or group; once the request is approved, the money will be deposited into your account
  • Popmoney uses verification codes with the payment notification to prevent unauthorized transactions
  • It costs 95 cents per transaction to send money; there's no fee for receiving it