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Need a Better Financial Plan for College?

You're in college to learn how to make money, but instead you've ended up owing it. And not just a little, but a bundle. Welcome to Real Life 101. This is where we give you a crash course in high finance. No, there’s no diploma at the end. Just some A-plus approaches to paying off your loans and tackling of of life's great financial challenges.

Open a SEGUE Student Checking Account:

This checking account was designed specifically for students and helps you make deposits, pay bills, and transfer cash. We even have a convenient location on Lamar University's campus where you can conduct any transactions. Or, there's Online Banking at your fingertips since we know you're tech-savvy. Get started here.

Looking for a School Loan?

Our School Zone Loan is a low-interest loan for students with little or no credit history. This loan allows you to get more money for iPads, pens, papers, and pizza. Get started here.

Get Your Nerd on in Our Financial Education Center:

Check out our Financial Education Center which features articles and videos on how to effectively stay on budget, build your savings, and even how to save money for things such as Spring Break trips, holiday spending, and vacations. Start reading here.

Or.... Hang With the Cool Kids at The Vault:

We know college kids like freebies. That's why we've created our very own short-and-sweet blog section, which features short articles on things like monthly freebies, job interview tips, and ways to get that side hustle kicked into high gear. Take a peek inside The Vault.

Calculate Your Finances to Help Budget:

Use our free Financial Calculators to help calculate finances like college savings and how to become a millionaire - because we know you want to. Get started here.