Manage Debt

Make Your Borrowing Choices Healthy Ones

Couple calculating and managing debt

In a way, debt is like your daily diet.

Each offers good and bad menu options. Cheese fries give us instant pleasure, but fresh veggies lead to a better life. As for debt, maxing out a credit card is like eating nothing but empty calories. The recipe for success? That can include making healthy investments in a house or college and consuming any knowledge that helps raise your credit score.

Get a Free Review of Your Credit Score:

For starters, book a complimentary appointment with an Education First representative to review your credit report through our SmartScore program.

Consider Debt Consolidation: 

Enjoy the convenience of one monthly loan payment, while building your credit score and paying off debt. Get started here.

Get Your Nerd on in Our Financial Education Center:

Check out our Financial Education Center which features articles and videos on how to effectively pay off debt, build your savings, and even how to improve your credit score. Start reading here.

Calculate Your Finances to Help Manage Debt:

Use our free Financial Calculators to help calculate finances accelerated debt payoff and personal debt consolidation. We even threw in a calculator on how to become a millionaire - because who doesn't want to know that? Get started here.