Dash! Online Payment Solution

Avoid Late Fees

Pay From External Accounts

Making Your Loan Payment Just Got Easier

You already know all about the low interest rates on loans offered at Education First - that's why so many people borrrow from us - even if they have an account at another credit union or bank.  Well, now there is a convenient payment solution to go along with those great rates as well!

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Make your loan payment from an external account

Dash! online payment solution is the quickest and easiest way to pay an Education First FCU loan with an external account from another financial institution.  

What is Dash!

Dash! is an online payment platform that makes paying your Education First FCU loan from an external account quick and easy.  

Dash! is different from online banking in that it is only used to make payments on your Education First FCU loans using your account at another financial institution (via a routing number or debit card) or using a credit card.  

How Does Dash! Work?

It's easy.  Simply create a Dash! account by clicking on the link below. You'll be directed to a page where you will set up your user name and password - then all that's left is for you to enter the details of your Education First FCU loan and the external account that you want to use to make your loan payment.  A few things you'll need to get started:
  • Your Education First member number
  • Your Education First loan number
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

Click here to set up your Dash! account today!

DASH! Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is only accepted with the primary Credit Union member’s information (co-borrower information is not accepted at this time, however a co-borrower can pay using the primary account holder’s information).
You can pay on any Personal, Auto, Line of Credit, Home Equity, Line of Credit, Share Secured loan, Real Estate and Credit Cards can be paid using our online payment system.
You can make a payment up to $1,000.00. If you need to make a larger payment, please contact our Support Center to process.
You can make a payment up to 14 days in advance.
You can pay less than the current loan payment amount. If you want to pay more than the current loan payment amount, please call Support Center.  
Yes, you can set up a recurring payment from another financial institution. If the payment will be coming from an account you have with EFFCU, you can set that up in Online Banking.
We do not encourage you to use the online loan payment system to pay off your loan. Please contact Member Service Center to get your exact payoff amount to avoid any shortage in payment.
You do not have the ability to cancel your own transactions through the payment system. Please call the Credit Union and speak with the Member Service Center for assistance.
A confirmation email will be sent to you for online loan payments.
Payments made using a credit card will post 7 days a week.  If payment is coming from another financial institution account, it will post Monday through Friday only.
Payments made to your loan before 4:00 PM CST on a business day will be processed and post the same day.   
Payments made to your loan after 4:00 PM CST on a business day will be processed the following business day and then posted to your account on the following business day.
Returned payments are subject to Non-Sufficient Fund Fees/ACH. Please see EFFCU’s Fee Schedule for more information.
Loans cannot be paid in advance. A payment is required to be made on your loan(s) each month, as stated in your loan closing documents.
Contact your external financial institution from where the payment debited from.
*Payments that are made by phone with the Support Center/Collections are subject to a processing fee.
It is free when you use the online loan payment system. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for fees when the payment is done over the phone with a representative.
Your username is your email address. If you forget your email address, you can re-register, but your payment information will not display any previous payment information. You will have to set it back up.

Please select “Forgot your password?” under the login page. We do not process password resets on your behalf with this system.
If you can log in, and are not able to make a payment, it most likely means you do not have any eligible loans to make payments on. Please contact the Member Service Center to make a payment or to find out more details.
You may not have provided the correct answer or the correct format of the answer. For example: if MM/DD/YYYY is required and you enter M-D-YYYY this will error because of the number of characters in the month and day. In addition, your account number should only be your issued 4, 5, or 6-digit account number. Do not add any other savings, checking, or loan suffix behind your account number.
Your member # is your Credit Union account number that you were issued when you opened your account.
Yes, you may use Mastercard, Visa Debit, and Mastercard Debit only.