uChoose Rewards® Program

Use your Education First Visa® to earn rewards

Redeem points for event tickets, merchandise and travel

Earn thousands of points. Choose from millions of rewards.

You have to spend money anyhow. On clothes. On food. On gasoline. But paying the bills is less painful if you get rewarded for credit card use. Education First has partnered with uChoose Rewards to offer Visa® card holders points that can be redeemed for an incredible array of items and services. Whoever thought of turning your grocery tab into a HDTV or a luxury cruise? Now that's an idea that's right on the money.

Use your card. Pile up points. Shop 'til you drop.

It's easy to get started. Access your uChoose Rewards account or sign up and learn how to earn and redeem points.
  • Earn points redeemable for event tickets, merchandise, travel, and more
  • Earn one point in rewards for each dollar spent by simply using your Education First Visa® purchases
  • Earn extra points by shopping at participating merchants
  • Earn additional bonus points with Education First promotions
  • Track your points through your uChoose Rewards account
  • Redeem your points with a full online catalog of redemption options
  • Log into your uChoose Rewards account frequently to see participating merchants and to activate monthly offers