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Deposit $5 to win a prize

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Need a reason to save? This one takes the prize.

Our C.A.F.E program helps Southeast Texas kids learn about savings, spending and other financial stuff through printed and online materials. As an added incentive, we offer prizes and awards. There's always something new happening, so you should check out our regular newsletters or make return visits to this page.

Prizes and parties are only part of the fun.

Want to get in on the action? Open a youth account for your kiddo to automatically be enrolled in C.A.F.E or visit a branch to enroll. They'll be entering a world of great activities and online games geared to making them smarter consumers.

Deposit Incentive Program (D.I.P)

Our young members can turn a small deposit into a fun and memorable experience.
  • Visit a branch each month and deposit $5 or more
  • Receive a cool prize or be entered in a contest to win gift cards, movie tickets and cash
  • Be on the lookout for a monthly D.I.P postcard

Deposit Incentive Program (D.I.P) Prize for April

During April, C.A.F.E recruits who make a $5.00 or more deposit will receive a C.A.F.E Spinner Pen! 

C.A.F.E Achievement Awards Celebration

At the end of every school year, the C.A.F.E program holds an Achievement Awards Celebration. Whether we are roller skating or bouncing around on trampolines, we want to celebrate the successes of our C.A.F.E members. Get involved in C.A.F.E and your kiddo can be part of next year's celebration and maybe win one of these awards:
  • Top Scholars (grades B+ or better for the school year)
  • Charitable Contributor Awards (for supporting or raising money for charities)
  • Athletic Awards
  • Newsmakers of the Year Awards

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