Credit Card

Competitive interest rates

No annual fees

Purchasing power that keeps your overhead under control

Southeast Texas business owners expect efficiency from every part of their enterprise. Their credit card is no exception. Education First offers a business Visa® card with low rates that keeps costs in check. It also offers a high degree of flexibility that paves the way for instant inventory purchases, quick payments for equipment repairs or simply picking up the tab for lunch with a client.

Business owner with customer

Give yourself credit for choosing the right card

It's easy to take for granted, but one huge advantage of the Education First Business Visa® Card is that it's accepted by millions of retailers, suppliers, vendors, hotels and restaurants all over the world. So whether you're operating out of your office or on the road, you can rest assured your card is as good as cash.
  • Low interest rates keep costs in check
  • No annual fees
  • Flexibility to make quick purchases of items big and small
  • Fast action on applications means cards are mailed to you swiftly
  • On-time payments can help small businesses build up credit score