Free Checking

Pay no monthly fees

Open the account with minimal funds

Reduce overhead, stay under budget, get it for free

Whether you're opening a corner store or debuting a professional practice, the last thing you need is high expenses cutting into your profits. While the utility companies and your suppliers aren't going to give you anything for free, our Free Checking account will add exactly zero to your operating costs. It's the perfect financial partner for new entrepreneurs, and an equally good value for already thriving small businesses in Southeast Texas.

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Not just something for nothing. Something really good for nothing.

A low minimum opening balance is just one more advantage of our Free Checking account.
  • No monthly fee
  • $25 minimum opening balance
  • 25 free transactions per month
  • $0.30 for each additional transaction
  • Online & Mobile Banking
  • Remote Check Deposit

Here's what you'll need to open your business checking account:

Sole Proprietorship
  • Proof of EIN (IRS SS-4 Form) or SSN if not filing with an EIN
  • DBA or Assumed Name Certificate
General Partnership
  • Proof of EIN (SS-4 Form)
  • Partnership Agreement (if available)
  • DBA or Assumed Name Certificate
Limited Liability Company
  • Proof of EIN (IRS SS-4 Form) or SSN if a qualifying Sole-Member LLC  
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Operating Agreement
Campaign Account
  • Proof of EIN (IRS SS-4 Form) 
  • CTA Form (Appointment of a Campaign Treasurer)
  • Meeting Minutes
Corporations / Not-for-Profit Corporation
  • Proof of EIN (SS-4 Form)
  • Corporate Resolution or Board Mtg. Minutes
  • Certificate of Formation or Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
Limited Liability Partnership/Limited Partnership
  • Proof of EIN (IRS SS-4 Form)
  • Registration of LLP or Certification of Formation LP
  • Partnership Agreement
Informal Association/Club
  • Proof of EIN (IRS SS-4 Form)
  • Meeting Minutes