Fee Schedule

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With Education First, there are no surprises, no gotchas. We keep our fees as low as possible, but we do have to charge them on occasion. Here's what they are and where you can expect to find them.

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Honesty is our policy:

This Fee Schedule sets forth certain conditions, fees and charges applicable to your Share (Savings) Accounts, Christmas Club Accounts, Money Market Accounts, Checking Accounts, IRA Savings Accounts and Special Accounts at Education First Federal Credit Union, and is incorporated as part of your Account Agreement with us. A membership share in this credit union is $5.00 and not available for withdrawal unless the account is closed. For current fee information, call us at (409) 898-3770. 

Checking Account Fees

Check Printing fee: Prices vary depending upon style
Checks - Temporary (4 checks): $3.00 per sheet
Inactive account fee: $5.00 per month, if no activity for 12 months and/or under $100, and no other services
Non-sufficient funds (NSF fee): $24.99 per Item
Overdraft Transfer Fee:  $5.00 per Transfer
Paid by overdraft fee: $24.99 per Item
Return item fee (Returned check on members deposit): $5.00 per Item
Returned item drawn on Member's account at another institution (NSF) fee: $24.99 per Item 
Stop payment fee: $30.00 each tem (check or pre-authorized electronic debit)

Bill Pay Fees

Account to Account - to another institution $2.95
Overnight check - check sent overnight $14.95
Same Day Bill Payment $9.95

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Account Balance Inquiry:  $1.00 per inquiry
Account Research/Reconciliation Fee:  $15.00 each hour
ACH/Card Origination Payments $10.00 over the phone with ACH/debit/credit card (No Charge Online)
Administrative Fee:  $15.00 (closure of primary savings account within 180 days of opening)
ATM Transaction Fee:  $1.00 per transaction (excludes CU PASS Network ATMS)
Cashier's Check Fee:  $5.00 per check 
Check Cashing Fee: $5.00 per check (excludes Active Checking Account or Current Loan)
Collection Items  $15.00 per item
Copy of Paid Check Fee:  $2.00 per check
Deposited Item Return Fee:  $5.00 per item
Dormant Account Fee: $25.00 per account
Inactive Account Fee: $5.00 per month (if no activity for 12 months, under $100 and no other services)
Legal Process Fee:  $25.00 per service
Money Order Fee:  $2.00 per item
Photocopy Service $0.50 per page
Plastic Card Replacement Fee: $10.00 per card 
Returned Statement/Mail Fee: $5.00 per statement/mail piece 
Statement Copy Fee: $3.00 per statement
Telephone Transfer Fee:*  $1.00 per transfer*
Wire Transfer Fee:  $15.00 per transfer

* Not applicable when “Touch Tone Teller” service is unavailable or Online Banking services are not available.

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Box Sizes Annual Fee
3x5 $20.00
3x10 $25.00
5x5 $25.00
5x10 $40.00
10x10 $60.00
Key Deposit $10.00
Key Replacement $55.00
Drilling Fee $100.00

All fees effective: July 1, 2021

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