Shared Branching Network

Access a nationwide network of 5,000+ credit unions

Use in-branch services anywhere you travel

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Want proof that credit unions are looking out for your best interests? Consider the CO-OP Shared Branching network. Education First and thousands of other credit unions around the world joined together to ensure that any credit union member has access to in-branch services at any credit union in the network. In a world of fierce competition for your business, that type of cooperation is pretty radical.

Networking on your behalf.

Wherever you travel in the world, you can find a credit union branch within the CO-OP Network. Withdrawals in Wisconsin. Loan payments in Louisiana. Deposits in Delaware. Money order purchases in Montana. You get the idea. Locate the nearest shared branch online or by downloading the CO-OP app for your iPhone or Android. You can even locate credit union branches in select international locations, such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Japan, the Netherlands and more.

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