Education First Gives Back to Cape Fear Elementary

Education First Gives back to Cape Fear Elementary

Education First FCU has something called a Blue Jean Fund for employees. Employees are given the option to donate a portion of their paycheck to wear blue jeans on Fridays. At the end of each year, we give this money to a charity or cause in need. 

For the 2018 Blue Jean fund, we decided to give back to Cape Fear Elementary in Rocky Point, North Carolina. Cape Fear was hit by both Hurricane Florence in September 2018 and Hurricane Michael a few years earlier. When we asked how we could help, Principal David Kirkland shared with us that their disappointment over a project that they had been trying to raise funds for but was taken off the table after the storm.  This project, an “outdoor classroom,” was to consist of weather stations, learning tables and a mini amphitheater with shade sails overhead, as well as planter boxes, tables and benches. After several conversations with Mr. Kirkland, we identified that their greatest need was the purchase and installation of the shade sails, and that Education First would be donating the money to pay for this.  

The project was started in the spring of 2019 and is now complete. On Thursday, September 26, Cape Fear Elementary held a ribbon cutting for the completion of the project! Education First VP of Marketing, Carolyn Ridout, and Community Relations Director, Carrie Haskett, were able to travel to North Carolina to attend the ribbon cutting and meet the school staff and students. We are very blessed to provide this gift that will bring years of joy to the students, faculty and staff, and will help them as they rebuild and move past this as a community. 

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